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Basic understanding of white gum

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Cost saving is the eternal theme of every enterprise, product price has always been the focus of attention. But you can't do anything to make ultra-cheap products. Those who choose inferior raw materials, fake brands with shoddy products and so on harm users, seriously disrupted the market order, harm the healthy development of the industry. Will you really choose the "cost-effective" white gum at the expense of product quality?

The origin of white gum

Silicone sealant with white oil first appeared in the 1990s.

White oil, namely liquid paraffin oil, is a colorless, odorless, tasteless and non-fluorescent transparent oil-like liquid made from petroleum lubricating oil distillate by high-pressure hydrotreating. It is flammable and volatile. It is mainly used to improve the gloss of the appearance of products in rubber and plastics. Used as wetting agent, solvent and lubricant for EPDM, IIR, NR, TPV, synthetic resin and plastic processing.

Silicone sealant mixed processing without adding white oil as additives, it will not improve the mechanical properties of the product, no chemical action for silicone polymer, no dissolution, only to increase the distance between the network molecules, resulting in a decrease in the apparent viscosity of the polymer, curing body soft viscosity, mechanical properties. Some enterprises make use of the effect of easy filling of white oil in the mixed processing of silicone sealant, reduce the amount of hydroxyl polysiloxane at the end of the basic polymer, and add more cheap white oil and other solid fillers, reduce the cost of the product, but also make the extruded sealant soft and bright. As the price of basic polymer hydroxyl polysiloxane continues to soar, excessive blending of white oil has been an open "technical know-how" driven by interests, and the oil content of some inferior silicone sealant is even as high as 30%. White gum is inferior sealant, mainly manifested as slow curing speed, oil infiltration, surface wrinkling, easy to stick ash dust, low mechanical properties. White oil glue used in structural bonding may short time won't appear lesions, but shortening adhesive strength and elongation with white oil leakage and change is inevitable trend, modulus will increase with the increase of make use of time, eventually become hardened by brittle broken, unable to guarantee the reliability of the structure design, the debonding and crack problems will gradually revealed and the threat to curtain wall.

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