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Auxiliaries in powder coatings (3)

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/3/ multiplicity of additives in powder coatings


Some powder coating auxiliaries have double or multiple functions in addition to their main functions. Therefore, we must consider comprehensively when designing the formula, such as adjusting the dosage in the formula or simplifying the formula. For example, zinc oxide is a kind of common chemicals, it can replace a part of titanium dioxide as white pigment; At the same time has a certain electrical conductivity used in the need of antistatic or electrical occasions; It also has the function of shielding ultraviolet light, especially for the range of 240-380 / μm UV light has a better protection ability; Of course, it also has mildewproof, bactericidal effect, improve the performance of paint containing carboxyl group resin, etc. Therefore, the selection of an effective additive is to fully understand its various functions.

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