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Auxiliaries in powder coatings (2)

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/2/ Adaptability of powder coating auxiliaries to production process


Some powder coating additives in the formulation design, should be considered because of the production process conditions are relatively harsh, may be high temperature, low temperature, high speed shear and other circumstances, resulting in the decomposition of powder coating additives, volatilization and failure, resulting in formula failure. For example, some pattern powder coating additives can not be extruded together with the base material by the extruder, but after added to the finished powder, only in this way can it show its due pattern. Because in the process of extrusion and melting, the pattern additives have been pre-reacted, resulting in no pattern in the film formation or the pattern size is different, feel different, three-dimensional sense of different phenomena. In the process of two or more additives and the base material, in order to give full play to the efficiency of the additives, they must be fully dispersed in the powder coating base material, and can be combined with the base material according to different feeding sequence. Experienced technical engineers know that all kinds of powder coating additives are mixed with the base material or added to the finished product process, the sequence and each step of the process conditions are very important, it directly affects the mixing effect and the performance of the film.

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