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Application of silicone sealant in electronic appliances

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Silicone sealant, as a kind of commonly used multi-functional polymer adhesive bonding metal, organic plastic, glass, ceramics and so on the many kinds of base material, it is very superior performance, are widely used in electrical and electronic fields, not only can satisfy the requirements of electrical and electronic products design, and can improve production efficiency, reduce cost, It is one of the indispensable auxiliary materials in this field. From washing machines, water heaters, rice cookers and other household appliances to integrated circuits, circuit boards, chip packaging and other semiconductor devices, silicone sealant can be seen everywhere.

Silicone sealant is mainly based on polydimethylsiloxane polymer, by filling, adding crosslinking agent, catalyst and other additives, after vulcanization formed elastic polymer rubber material. Its vulcanization principle mainly has two kinds, one is the condensation type reaction mainly, the glue through contact with water molecules cross-linking reaction, forming a THREE-DIMENSIONAL network structure, and release of small molecules, after the completion of the reaction, the formation of elastic rubber body; The other is the addition molding reaction, its curing principle is mainly in the presence of Pt catalyst, silicohydrogen addition and the formation of elastomer. Therefore, after the formation of elastomer silicone sealant can play a sealing, fixing, bonding and other roles in electronic and electrical parts electronic module, and has many advantages in the use process.

The specific advantages of silicone sealant are as follows:

1, a wide range of operating temperature, the formation of elastomer in -50℃ ~ +180℃ working performance changes little, a certain degree of elasticity, good tensile performance, can compensate for the deformation caused by thermal expansion and contraction of various substrates, can reduce the wear of electronic components, prolong its service life, while the failure is also convenient maintenance.

2, excellent electrical insulation, data show that vulcanized silicone sealant in the range of -60℃~200℃ has good electrical insulation, and frequency, temperature changes on dielectric constant, dielectric loss factor is minimal, can effectively improve the safety and stability of electrical and electronic operation.

3, the construction operation is simple and flexible, the glue equipment cost is low, efficient and fast. Such as single-component silicone sealant, in use can be precise sizing, suitable for the bonding of small internal parts of electronic appliances.

4, excellent aging resistance, can prolong the service life of electronic and electrical components, the use stage is not prone to failure.

5, the formula debugging flexibility is high, by adding functional filler in the silicone sealant sealant, you can achieve special function silicone sealant. Such as silicone sealant with thermal conductivity for electronic and electrical appliances, to ensure that the product in the process of use, internal heat dissipation components can achieve rapid thermal conductivity and heat dissipation through thermal silicone sealant, play the role of protecting electronic components, maintain the stable operation of electronic products. Other functional silicone sealant such as conductive silicone sealant, flame retardant silicone sealant, ultra-high temperature silicone sealant.

6, excellent light resistance, so that it has special applications in electronic appliances, such as solar cell photovoltaic silicone sealant.

Specific application of silicone sealant:

Silicone sealant can be used for fixing components in refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and other home appliances, radiator filling, glass panel bonding partition, storage box fixing, frame sealing, etc.; Used for kitchen appliances bonding, such as range hood panel bonding, microwave induction cooker coil/microcrystalline plate bonding, microwave oven cavity/door body, oven door body/door handle bonding; Used for the bonding of small household appliances, such as the bonding of the bottom/handle + body of the kettle, the heating bottom/shell of the electric iron, etc.

Used for filling and sealing of home appliance controller, sealing and bonding of cover plate/box of washing machine and dishwasher, bonding of vacuum cleaner water tank, and bonding and fixing of hose and metal sheet.

Application in solar cell module. Photovoltaic buildings in the service process, to withstand the sun and rain and other harsh climate environment, silicone sealant can be applied in the harsh climate environment, can be used for photovoltaic cell modules border clearance, power junction box, photovoltaic glass, etc., to protect the solar cell photovoltaic modules, prolong their service life.

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