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Application of silicone pressure sensitive adhesive in consumer electronics industry

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We have gradually entered an era of Internet of everything. 5G, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, big data and other concepts have entered the public's attention with the progress of science and technology, driving a new round of upgrading and popularization of consumer electronics.

1. 5G technology is driving rapid growth of global smartphones that have entered stock replacement, with shipments in China accounting for the majority of the share.

2. Wireless charging is back in the conversation with Apple joining the WPC alliance, with the market expected to exceed $10 billion by 2024.

3. The size of TV panel is increasing by about 1 inch every year, which will drive the demand growth of LCD screen to maintain at 5-8% in the next three years. OLED flexible screen has also become hot because it is more in line with the requirements of wearable devices and the rapid growth of the market. Although the panel industry has fully entered the era of localization, but the local demand for optical materials is still very strong.

The manufacturing process of electronic equipment is mostly relatively fine, multi-step process, and highly complex parts have spawned many supporting industries, and pressure-sensitive adhesive materials play an important role in different fields.

Pressure sensitive adhesive is a kind of adhesive material which produces viscous flow through slow and appropriate external force, realizes close contact with the surface of the paste, produces intermolecular force, and realizes interface bonding

(1) In the field of wireless charging, the pressure-sensitive tape helps bond, secure and protect the modules at the receiving and transmitting ends, making them efficient.

(2) In the display field, optical pressure sensitive adhesive is used for bonding all kinds of optical materials inside the screen, so that it still maintains optical transparency under the condition of high temperature and humidity, and ensures the clarity of imaging.

(3) to all kinds of "delicate" electronic parts (such as screen and its parts) in the process of making and shipping protection, to prevent its due to the transportation process may produce scratches and bumps and damage.

Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive is widely used in the preparation of a variety of electronic industry protective film, for the transportation of precision parts, manufacturing and use to provide a full range of protection.

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