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Application of silicone oil in pharmaceutical industry(2)

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2.The sterilization


The stability and low activity of silicone oils enable them to be used for steam autoclaves, dry heat autoclaves, ethylene oxide autoclaves, and low dose radioclaves.

Ethylene oxide has been shown to be effective in sterilizing disposable hypodermic syringes and needles. If ethylene oxide is used, exhaust the item adequately before use.Steam autoclavization or dry heat sterilization is also often used in sterilization techniques.

The study found that there was no adverse effect of radiation sterilization on silicone oil at a dose of 2.5Mrad and at the right time.However, it requires the item to be tested for smoothness before and after radiation sterilization.Although the adverse effects of radiation sterilization are not fully understood, it is generally believed that high levels of radiation doses (>2.5Mrad) have a tendency to cross-link polydimethylsiloxane.This affects their ability to lubricate.

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