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Application of silicone oil in pharmaceutical industry(1)

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The silicide

Surface treatment with silicone oil is to spray a solution or emulsion containing silicone oil (by spraying, coating, or dipping) at a low concentration onto a clean, dry surface.The film can be air-dried or "dried" at high temperatures to enhance the adhesion of the film to the surface.Silicone oil used as packaging materials for parenteral drug delivery shall meet certain quality control standards and shall not have other harmful effects on the safety, quality and purity of the drug.

Quantifying the thickness/concentration of the silicone oil film is difficult because very little silicone oil is required to cover the surface.Some analytical techniques, such as atomic absorption spectrometers, have been used successfully; however, users often rely on functional tests (such as contact angles or friction coefficients) to determine the effect of coatings. In certain cases, such as on needles, special testing equipment is required.For example, Melab GmbH has developed a device that uses an intubation head for a puncture to detect various levels of penetration.

Currently, there are three different types of silicone oil products available for packaging material lubrication: inert silicone oil liquids, inert silicone oil emulsions, and curable silicone oil liquids.

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