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Application of silicone oil

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After weaving and forming, textile fiber materials usually have a rough hand feel and hard, and the processing performance, wearing comfort, and various performances of the finished garment are poor. Therefore, the corresponding surface modification of the fabric is required to give the fabric a good It has excellent performance such as softness, smoothness, elasticity and wrinkle resistance.


Due to its unique silica main chain structure, silicone oil has good leveling properties and can spread and penetrate well on the surface of the fiber fabric, filling up the convex and concave points and burrs on the fiber surface to form a smooth fabric surface At the same time, due to the large bond energy, large bond growth, large bond angle, and low free energy of rotation of the silicon-oxygen-silicon bond, the fiber has good softness after being attached to the fiber, which further improves the touch and comfort of the fiber fabric. Through the modification of various functional groups of silicone oil, it can also be further imparted while ensuring soft and smooth properties, while bringing richer application properties to fiber fabrics.


Nowadays, silicone oil fabric finishing agents have changed from the initial hydroxy silicone oil and hydrogen-containing silicone oil to the third generation amino polyether modified block silicone oil. 

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