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Application of silicone foam in new energy vehicle power battery

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Introduction of silica gel foam

Silica gel foam material (also known as silica gel foam/foamed silica gel), is a kind of porous, low density, compressible polymer elastomer made of silica gel like rubber, filling material, vulcanization accelerator, foaming rubber and other raw materials. After mixing evenly, it is made by special process under high pressure and high temperature. Because of the high elasticity of silicone rubber, and the performance of sound insulation and shock absorption of foam material, it is widely used in life, mostly used as damping pad, sealing gasket, sound absorption material, insulating layer material, and insulation material for airlines. According to the pore structure, the organic silicone foam is divided into closed hole, open hole and mixed type three.

Closed cell foam organic silicone foam material has good shockproof buffering, sound insulation, heat insulation and flame retardant explosion-proof properties, which is mainly used in the automotive field of heat insulation foam pipe for automobile air conditioning, automobile shock absorption, new energy vehicle battery with foaming silicone sealing gaskets.

Many automotive interior materials today, such as floor, ceiling, steering wheel, car seats, are polyurethane foam materials, on the one hand, because the polyurethane foam material technology is relatively mature, the performance meets the use standard; On the other hand, because the price of polyurethane foam material is lower. However, polyurethane foam materials have poor weather resistance, inflammable and release a large number of toxic gases harmful to human body during combustion. Therefore, with the promotion of organic silicone foam material and the improvement of people's understanding of it, the organic silicone foam material is expected to replace the traditional polyurethane foam material in the future.

Characteristics of silica gel foam

The density of silicone foam

The density of silica foam matrix is 1.17g/cm3. However, through foaming treatment, the density of the organic silicone foam material prepared in the current mature process can be at least 0.16-0.20g /cm3, which can be used for car seats, headrest and other parts. Conventional silicone rubber foam material (density 0.45g /cm3) is widely used in sealing, shock absorption and other parts of the gap filling.

Flame retardant properties of silicone foam

According to scientific experimental research data, the silicone foam with flame retardant added has good flame retardant performance, flame retardant grade can reach UL94-V0, applied to electric vehicles, can very well reduce the problems caused by combustion.

Electrical insulation performance of silica gel foam

With the increase of the amount of physical filler, the volume resistivity and surface resistivity of silicone rubber tend to decrease, while the dielectric constant and dielectric loss factor generally increase. It can be seen that adding physical filler damages the electrical insulation performance of silicone rubber to a certain extent.

Application of silicone foam in electric vehicle industry

Batteries is kinetic energy source of pure electric vehicles, batteries, the safe hidden trouble of security, which cause serious damage to the vehicle batteries in work, will produce a certain quantity of heat, at different temperatures can produce certain effect of heat bilges cold shrink, cause the batteries have inflation, long-term capacity grid friction between batteries, batteries damage is likely to cause the rechargeable battery is invalid, In severe cases, it can't even be controlled. In addition, when the output voltage of the battery pack is above 200V, the rechargeable battery shell must be sealed and waterproof to avoid short circuit caused by water seepage, and the waterproof grade of the rechargeable battery shell must be IP67.

The silica gel foam has high reduction characteristics, avoid deformation caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction of the rechargeable Cell in the whole process of battery charging, charging and discharging, and has excellent durability, low reduction, impact digestion and absorption and flame retardant (UL 94 V0 grade).

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