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Application of organosilicon products in electronic industry

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As the electronics industry tend to be complex, from components, electronic components to the product form is varied, the need of various types of organic silicon products and form a complete set, and electronic industry applications of organic silicon products mostly belongs to the fine chemicals, technical characteristics and market demand of the electronics industry, the need to develop targeted series of organic silicon products and systems.  

Thermal conductive silicone  

Application: it can be used for cooling computer, power supply and automobile electronics.  Such as CPU, communication equipment, power module, LED lamps and lanterns.  

Thermal conductive adhesive  

Thermal conductive adhesive series products are thermal conductive silicone curing adhesive at room temperature.  

· Dealcoholized room temperature curing silicone rubber  

· Effectively disperse heat generated by electronic components  

· Excellent flame retardant performance, through THE UL94V-0 certification  

· Excellent electrical insulation performance  

· Fully cured after 48 hours in compliance with RoHS environmental requirements  

Product use:  

· Power module assembly and reinforcement  

· Bonding of electronic components  

· Lamp assembly  

· Automobile parts assembly  

Thermal conductive gel  

· Two-component thermal conductive gel with 1:1 addition molding  

· Curing at room temperature, heating can accelerate curing  

· Low hardness for low stress applications excellent thermal conductivity  

· Wide operating temperature range  

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