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Application of organic silicon materials in national defense science and technology

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The composite material made of silicone rubber and special fiber can instantaneously withstand thousands of degrees Celsius high temperature. It is the ablation-resistant insulation material of long-range launch vehicle, such as rocket nozzle and ablation-resistant insulation coating of reentry space carrier. Heat resistant, cold resistant silicone rubber used as high and low temperature sealing ring is suitable for cold regions, polar regions and high altitude and the moon; For aerospace and aviation carrier cold sealing strip; Atomic oxygen and irradiation resistant adhesive used for solar cells; High phenyl silicone oil and high phenyl silicone rubber with good radiation resistance are used in atomic energy industry and accelerators. Non-combustible silicone rubber insulated wire and cable used in warships, aircraft and other high requirements of reliable occasions; Oil resistant silicone rubber putty for aircraft fuel tank seal; Aerospace use silicone oil as anti-freezing, heat resistant lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, gyroscope oil, instrument oil; Silicone coating is used for satellite as thermal insulation and temperature control coating, used for aircraft as skin paint, weather resistant paint; Silicone plastics for aircraft engines with high voltage resistance, strong current, arc resistance micro switch, heat resistance, insulation support frame; Silicone gel is used as the intermediate bonding layer of aircraft triad windshield glass. High temperature resistance, moisture resistance, no yellow, light transmittance up to 91%; Organosilicon monomer is the starting material of high performance silicon carbon fiber and silicon nitrogen fiber. Organic silicon is an indispensable coating material for heat - resistant optical fiber.  

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