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Application of liquid silica gel LSR in intelligent wear

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Silicone rubber refers to the main chain by alternating silicon and oxygen atoms, silicon atoms are usually connected with two organic groups of rubber. Silica gel has a wide range of uses and is also a "regular customer" in the field of smart wear. Today we are going to learn about liquid silicone LSR, a kind of silicone rubber products favored by consumers and manufacturers.

1. Advantages and applications of LSR

1. What is an LSR

Liquid Silicone Rubber (hereinafter referred to as: LSR is usually formed by base glue (polymethylvinyl siloxane) and crosslinking agent (polymethylhydrosiloxane) under the action of catalyst (transition metal complexes, such as platinum, nickel, rhodium, etc.) through addition reaction to form a three-dimensional network structure of LSR.

2. Characteristics of LSR

Si-o bond high bond energy, so the chemical properties are very stable, with excellent heat resistance, flame retardant, weather resistance, radiation resistance and electrical insulation.

Silicon oxygen chain is spiral structure, the interaction between molecules is small, with good cold resistance, resilience.

Methyl can rotate freely, the surface tension is weak, hydrophobic, surface anti - viscosity.

Therefore, LSR has the following advantages:

1) Good biocompatibility, non-toxic, tasteless;

2) Excellent tear strength and resilience;

3) water resistance and waterproof, chemical solvent resistance, oil resistance

4) High and low temperature resistance, in a large temperature range (-60℃~250℃) can always maintain good mechanical properties;

5) Good aging resistance, light resistance and yellowing resistance;

6) Good electrical insulation;

7) High production efficiency, automatic production, dual-color injection molding;

8) Natural transparency, easy to color, can be colored to meet the needs of various colors.

Due to the thermosetting nature of liquid silicone rubber, LSR injection molding requires special treatment, such as enhanced distribution mixing, and the need to keep the LSR cold before it is pushed into the heating chamber for vulcanization.

3. Application of LSR in smart wear

LSR is widely used in the field of wearable devices due to its excellent performance, such as earphone earcap, smart watch strap, wrist strap, VR glasses optical lens, VR glasses mask and waterproof sealing parts of electronic products, etc.

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