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Application of enzyme in pulp and paper making

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Using xylanase to promote ECF and TCF bleaching of kraft pulp can save bleaching agent and/or improve bleaching whiteness of pulp.  

Fiber modification and deinking  

Amylase and cellulase can promote the removal of ink and improve the whiteness of deinking pulp when used in fiber modification and deinking. Improve water filtration and softness of toilet paper.  

Lignin modification/wastewater treatment  

Laccase is used for lignin modification and wastewater treatment. {TodayHot} can improve the wet strength of slurry containing mechanical pulp and reduce the chroma and BOD/COD value of wastewater.  

Hydrogen peroxide control  

Catalase can monitor and optimize the amount of hydrogen peroxide used in bleaching. After bleaching, catalase was added to degrade residual hydrogen peroxide.  

Resin barrier control  

In the process of paper making with mechanical pulp, lipase can improve paper strength, reduce paper disease, shorten the downtime and reduce the cleaning times of paper blanket and roller, so as to improve paper quality and increase production economic benefit.  

Starch modification  

Amylase allows paper mills to modify the original starch on site for surface coating, which is more economical and practical than buying commercial modified starch directly.  

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