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Antistatic Agent Sylic FU5501

Eliminate static electricity on the surface of fiber, paper, board, sheet, pipe and other products.

  • FU5501

  • Sylic

  • 1205501

Product Description

Technical Indicators Appearance

Colorless transparent liquid.

Freezing point 

≤10 ℃

Density (25℃) 


Performance and Characteristics

  • External antistatic agent, which can quickly exert and lasting permanent antistatic effect

  • Quickly migrate and continue to exert antistatic effect. It can also exert excellent antistatic performance in low humidity environment.

  • This product does not contain metal or halide ions, and is suitable for textiles, fibers and various polymers. Soluble in water, acetone, alcohol and other low molecular polar solvents.

  • No pungent odor or other peculiar smell, with good heat resistance.

  • Effectively improve the antistatic performance of the product.




It is suitable for surface antistatic treatment of all kinds of fabric products, carpets and fibers.


Recommended Process

When in use, it is diluted with water or alcohol solvent in a ratio of 1:100-200 to form an antistatic liquid, and then coated and sprayed on the surface of the product. The effect of long-term immersion is better. It can be dried at 110-120℃ or dried naturally. Good antistatic effect and can maintain a long time in the natural state.

Packaging and Storage

Packaging & Storage


25kg plastic drum, Store in a cool, dry, unopened container. It can be stored for one year. Please use it within 3 months after opening. Avoid direct sunlight, in order to extend the use time, please do not store in an environment higher than 40 ℃.

 Three Main Packaging Types: Woven Bags/Plastic Barrels /IBC Drum

main packaging types



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