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Antimicrobial silicone rubber

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Why antibacterial?

In our daily life, there are a large number of microorganisms in the environment around us, and many kinds of pathogenic microorganisms breed on the objects we touch every day. In the past two years, the COVID-19 epidemic caused panic all over the world. The ubiquitous bacteria brought great harm to our life.

The harm caused by germs to our lives mainly falls into two categories:

The harm of bacteria: the invasion of bacteria on the host, including bacteria adsorption on the body surface, invasion of tissues or cells, growth and reproduction, production of toxins, and even spread and resist a series of host defense functions, resulting in body damage.

Harm of mold: corrosion of the substrate, reduce material performance. And mold is conductive material, cause short circuit. The mildewed material is easy to spread fungal diseases, and even cause human and poultry nervous system endocrine disorders, skin diseases and other diseases.

With the improvement of living standards, the domestic pursuit of a safe, environmental and healthy lifestyle is getting higher and higher. Therefore, the antimicrobial properties of polymer materials have become one of the research focuses in the field of daily necessities. Antibacterial materials are widely used in the medical industry, kitchenware materials, intelligent wearable products and other industries.

As we all know, silicone rubber has excellent performance, safety and environmental protection, and is widely used in a variety of places. However, silicone rubber itself has a strong adsorbability, making it easier to adsorb the nutrients in contact with it. In a humid environment, the nutrients attached to the surface of silicone rubber provide a suitable growth environment for the growth of bacteria and fungi, and form biofilms on the surface of silicone rubber, thus causing diseases to humans. Xin 'an timely ADAPTS to the market development trend, and actively develops new products with antibacterial and mildew resistance properties to help healthy new life.

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