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Alkylation modification of silicone oil and its application

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1.Lubricating oil

With the increase of carbon chain length, the molecular volume of alkyl silicone oil increases, and the molecular chain is easy to entangle and form a thick lubricating film to improve lubricity. In addition, alkyl silicone oil can also be used for soft metals (such as aluminum, zinc, steel, etc.) and rubber, plastic (especially steel, aluminum, etc.) lubrication.  


When dimethyl silicone oil used in paint ink defoaming, due to its incompatibility, easy to produce shrinkage cavity and silicon spot phenomenon. Due to the good affinity of long chain alkyl silicone oil to organic materials, the defoamer prepared by it can avoid this problem. In addition, in order to reduce rinsing times and save water resources, laundry powder no longer excessively pursues high foam volume. Solid defoamer with cetyl silicone oil as active agent can significantly reduce foaming performance of laundry powder products, and its market prospect is broad.  

3.Releasing agent

When dimethyl silicone oil is used as a demoulding agent, it is easy to remain after demoulding and affect the secondary printing, while alkyl silicone oil has no residue after use and does not affect the printing paint of the product, so it is also known as "dry silicone oil" by industry insiders. The high temperature resistance of silicone oil can be improved by double modification of alkyl and phenyl groups, and the alkylaryl silicone oil obtained has a good application in aluminum alloy die casting demoulding industry.  

4.Personal care

Compared with dimethyl silicone oil, alkyl silicone oil is soluble in high carbon alcohols and liquid paraffins, and is easier to emulsify. When used in cosmetics, it not only maintains the safety and smooth touch of organic polysiloxane, but also improves the affinity with skin with the grafted alkyl long chain, making cosmetics better spread.  

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