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Advantages And Disadvantages of Suede Fabric - How To Clean

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What kind of fabric is suede?

Muntjacs belong to the deer family, but only male muntjacs have short horns. The stems of the horns extend backwards and the tips of the horns are curved inward. They generally do not branch or branch into only one small branch. The base of the horns forms a longitudinal ridge on the face. The skull is slightly triangular in shape with prominent tear sockets. The hair of muntjacs is short and fine compared to other deer. The limbs are very long and slender, and the muntjac hooves are narrow and pointed. The upper canines of larger muntjacs are curved and fang-like, but they are smaller than those of musk deer and deer. Suede is a fabric made from suede leather. But not all suede is made of real animal suede skin, there are natural and artificial ones. Artificial suede methods include woven, knitted, non-woven fabrics, etc. In the current cloth market, suede actually mostly refers to various types of imitation leather, such as denim imitation leather, warp imitation leather, weft imitation leather, warp knitted imitation leather, and double-sided imitation leather. Velvet, elastic imitation leather, etc. Therefore, when we want to buy real natural suede, we must look clearly and pay attention to the distinction.


Advantages of suede fabric:

1. High-end and tasteful

Suede has soft, smooth texture, light texture, and good touch. It looks much more high-end than other ordinary fabrics.

2. Unique style

The surface of suede fabric is plump and delicate, because the fibers on the surface are very fine, forming a multi-layered structure, with small reflective points, gloss and soft color. The slender fibers have low bending stiffness (referring to the ability of an object to resist bending deformation), highlighting the elegant and unrestrained feeling.

3. Comfort

Because the surface fibers are fine and the voids are numerous and dense, the fabric has better water and oil absorption. The microporous structure between the fabrics allows more static air in the fabric, thus achieving better thermal insulation and warmth retention.

4. Excellent waterproof and breathable performance

The diameter of raindrops is generally between 100 and 200 μm, while the water vapor in the human body is about 0.1 μm. As long as the shrinkage rate is controlled and the fiber gap is changed, an island high-density fabric with a gap of only 0.2 to 10 μm can be woven, which gives the fabric excellent waterproof and breathable properties.

5. Strong decontamination ability

Due to the large specific surface area of the fine fibers and the numerous and dense gaps, the fabric has a strong cleaning effect. Cleaning supplies made of suede fabric are soft and will never scratch the items being cleaned.

Disadvantages of suede fabric:

1. Not resistant to dirt

Suede is wear-resistant, but it is not resistant to stains. It will get stained if you are not careful, and when it gets stained, the suede will look ugly.

2. Complex cleanup

The cleaning steps for suede are quite complicated. Unlike other fabrics that can be put in the washing machine at will, it needs to be cleaned manually and professional cleaning supplies are used during cleaning.

3. Poor water resistance

Suede is easy to deform, wrinkle, and even shrink after being washed, so it is best to avoid large areas of water, and use washing solvents such as tetrachlorethylene when cleaning.

4. High price

Obviously, natural suede is much more expensive than ordinary fabrics, and even imitation suede is not cheap.

Natural suede is a fabric made from suede velvet, but there are actually very few real natural suedes on the market. Most of them are imitations, but some imitation suedes have good textures. Most clothes made of suede have a retro feel, are beautiful and unique, and other items made of suede are also very durable.


How to clean suede:


If the suede is stained with dust or dripping oil, first wipe off the dust on the surface with a dry cloth, and then wipe the surface with a soft cloth. Then use a special rubber brush to straighten the hair on the suede in one direction, because only when the suede hairs are facing in the same direction will the entire leather show a uniform color. Finally, the suede leather renovating agent can be used once every one to two weeks. After the above care, spray the renovating agent evenly on the suede area and let it dry overnight, and you can wear it the next day.

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