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A brief history of silicone oil development

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After one, two, and three generations of development, textile silicone oil has developed many products with excellent performance from the simplest methyl silicone oil, to amino silicone oil, and then to ternary copolymer silicone oil.

The second-generation amino silicone oil introduces various functional groups from the simple methyl silicone oil structure, which greatly improves the slip and softness of the fabric, but its molecules are all oil-soluble. Therefore, when adapting to the complex water phase environment of textile chemistry, various restrictions appear, such as high temperature demulsification, saline demulsification, shear demulsification, etc.

The third generation of silicone oil is to continue to introduce water-soluble functional groups on the structure of the original amino silicone oil to change the polarity of the silicone oil molecules, making it easier to disperse in the aqueous phase system, and the resulting nano-level silicone oil emulsion, When processing the fabric, it can quickly penetrate into the deep fibers of the fabric structure, providing a richer feel for the fabric, such as fluffy, soft waxy, smooth, loose elastic, etc.

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