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Wetting agents are surfactants or blends of surfactants, in some cases formulated to function in a specific process. Wetting agents are used in most preparation, colouration and finishing processes. They provide fast penetration and wetting of textile fibres and fabrics, allowing higher pick up with uniform effect. They ensure that the dye or chemicals are fully penetrated into the fibre, yarn or fabric.
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Why Choose Wetting Agent Manufactured 
By Sylic Global?
At Sylic global we strive to build sustainable world of textile auxiliary production and thereby, contributing to the smooth wetting functions. We have always prioritized on the efficiency and effectiveness of wetting agents. Our wetting agents are suitable for cotton textiles due to their excellent wetting action & good detergency. Basically, these auxiliaries are used in exhaust applications in textile processing. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose our wetting agents.
Sustainable and cost-effective solution
Highly efficient wetting agent for polyester, cotton and blends
Low foaming
Concentrated high performance
Provides better absorbency
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