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Textile Auxiliary Softener Flake

Softener Flake which can be diluted to make ready to use a softener for cotton, viscose, polyester, acrylics and their blends. And imparts excellent softness on the treated substrates.
The appealing touch of fabric is the foremost preference to be attained in the finishing of textiles. In the textile processing, softener acts as the ideal finishing agent that improves handle of the fabric. Our product is easily soluble in water and proves to be one of the most active ingredients used in the finishing of textiles.
Why Choose Softener Flake Manufactured 
By Sylic Gloabl?
The finishing process must be environmentally friendly so that the environment is not affected by wet processing or any other textile auxiliaries. Sylic global prioritizes improving the softness of fabrics in an ecologically balanced manner. Therefore, our products are tested at different stages in order to formulate strong compositions suitable for textile processing. Here are some key highlights of our softener flake:
Enables fabric sliding in textiles
Biodegradable and safe finishing agent
Imparts soft & fluffy handle
Durable even after multiple washes
Make wet processing efficient and sure-shot with the softener flake for simplified textile processing.
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