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Sodium Alginate is primarily used in food production as a thickener and emulsifier although it also has a variety of uses in areas such as printing, packaging, industrial, and medical/dental applications.
In the textile craft industry Sodium Alginate can be used to thicken liquid fabric dyes so they can be brushed onto fabric like fabric paints, as well as stamped, stenciled, or silk screened. Some Tie-Dyers add a tiny bit to their dye solutions to make their lines more crisp, so the dyes don’t bleed as much, for fancy patterns.
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Why Choose Sodium Alginate Manufactured 
By Sylic Gloabl?
Printing paste (thickener) is the main component of printing paste and an important factor affecting the printing effect. Sodium Alginate is natural, non-toxic, and also the most economical thickener for fabric dyes. It is extracted from seaweed (brown algae or kelp). We carry different types of of Sodium Alginate Thickener: High viscosity (typically used for cotton, silk screening and stenciling) and low viscosity (often used on silk).
Environmentally friendly
Easy to color
High color yield
Raw paste is easy to prepare
High paste rate and low cost
Color paste has good stability and high color yield
Good printing permeability
The printing color is uniform and the pattern outline is clear
The printed fabric is soft to the touch
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