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The uniformity in the stiffness of textiles is an essential requisite of textile processing. We understand that toxic chemicals used to achieve stiffness can damage the quality of fabric. Hence, Sylic Global has manufactured a sustainable solution by producing silicone emulsion & silicone wax to provides slip and characteristic effects to textile products. Moreover, the usage of our silicone product in appropriate quantity also retains the effect of humidity on textiles.
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Why Choose Silicone Emulsion/ Silicone Wax 
Manufactured By Sylic Gloabl?
The dimensional stability and heaviness or bulkiness of textiles are easily achieved when the highest quality of finishing agents have been used in the textile processing. The finishing stiffener manufactured by Sylic Global is not only an eco-friendly formulation, but also, designed while keeping in mind, the properties of various substrates. Our well-researched solution delivers the suitable results.

Excellent raising effect
Endow the yarn with better smoothness
Reduce yarn friction
High work efficiency
Finishing of the fabric gets fuller appeal
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