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Sequestering agents are used to link undesirable metal ions together to form a stable structure that does not readily decompose. This limits the metal ions' ability to react with other ions, clays or polymers. Sequestering agents are commonly used for water treatment purposes to reduce water hardness. Improve the whiteness, vividness and color fastness of bleached, dyed and printed products, and at the same time prevent the white background of printed products and yarn-dyed products from being stained again. The process cycle of cotton blended fabrics and polyester gets shortened when sequestering agent is optimally utilized.
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Why Choose Sequestering Agent For Textile Processing 
By Sylic Gloabl?
Our sequestering agent is compatible with water treatment during textile processing. The objective of our product is to extract undesirable metallic ions so that, these do not interfere the fabric during the textile processing.
Excellent dispersibility
High temperature resistance
Strong alkali resistance
Good dispersibility
Prevent water impurities from scaling
Improve water quality,
Help fabric pre-treatment process
Improve disperse and penetrate
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