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The objective of using Stabilizer during bleaching of cellulosic fibres with hydrogen peroxide is to achieve optimum and uniform whiteness and avoid detrimental impact on the tensile property. It prevents degradation of strength and resists the formation of pinholes by controlling the rate of decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide.
The uniformity level in bleaching can be attained by suppressing the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. At Sylic global, we focus on improving the effectiveness of bleaching of textiles through the improved performance of peroxide stabiliser.
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Why Choose Peroxide Stabiliser Manufactured
 By Sylic Global?
Our effectively formulated peroxide stabiliser enhances the performance of bleaching efficiency by controlling rate of decomposition of per-hydroxy ions in the bleach bath. In order to attain the highest quality of results, our stabilizing agents used in the exhaust application, utilize different chelation action. As a result, the specialty organo-inorganic peroxide stabilizers manufactured by Cosmo Speciality Chemicals do not leave any silicate deposits on the fabric and hence do not affect the hand feel of the fabric, cause deposition on the machine surface and avoid adverse impact on the effluent treatment. Following factors contribute to the success of textile processing with our eco-friendly stabilizers:
Ready to use and easy to dose
Compatible with other chemical ingredients and stable under high temperature conditions
Economical and effective
Attains optimum whiteness index
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