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Moisture Perspiration Agent Sylic FU5400

Endows the fabric with durable hydrophilic, moisture wicking, antistatic, easy to decontaminate, etc.It has some basic characteristics of natural fibers, and the finished fabric is washable.

  • FU5400

  • Sylic

  • 1205400

Product Description

Technical Indicators Appearance

Light yellow to yellow solid

Chemical composition

Water-dispersible polyester



PH value



90℃ hot water dilution

Performance and Characteristics

  • Make polyester fiber easy to decontaminate

  • The polyester fiber is grafted with a hydrophilic group to give the polyester fiber excellent hydrophilic properties

  • Make polyester fiber have good moisture absorption, and give polyester fiber excellent moisture absorption and perspiration performance

  • The polyester fiber has conductive groups, giving the polyester fiber good antistatic properties

  • Make polyester fiber soft and lubricating, reduce fabric scratches and creases

  • Give the polyester fiber a fluffy feel, so that the pile and fluff products have a fuller feel

  • Disperse and dissolve oligomers precipitated from polyester in a high-temperature and high-pressure bath to improve the color yield, vividness and finish of the fabric




This product is a multi-functional finishing agent, suitable for dyeing and finishing of polyester, polyester blended, nylon, acetate and spandex fabrics.Organize and use. Endows the fabric with durable hydrophilic, moisture wicking, antistatic, easy to decontaminate, etc.It has some basic characteristics of natural fibers, and the finished fabric is washable.

The polyester fiber is modified by the special water-dispersible polyester grafted with the polyester fiber water-repellent layer.


Recommended Process


Suggested prescription: Dilute 5-15%.

Process: water→stirring 80r/min→heat to (90~95)℃→slow cast CY-481G→swell→75~80℃ thermal insulation (60~90) minutes

Bell→cool to 40℃→filter and discharge.


◆During the swelling process, there will be a layering phenomenon (FU5400 floating in the upper layer, water in the lower layer), which is a normal phenomenon.It will be homogenized when the temperature is lower than 65℃;

◆No need to add defoamer when diluting 10% concentration, it is recommended to add 0.2% polyether defoamer before diluting 15% and above concentration;

◆ Too high concentration may cause the dilution fluid to deteriorate (especially in winter). It is recommended that the dilution concentration should not exceed 20%

Products that can be derived (specially for textile additives suppliers)

Derivable products

Recommended formula

Easy decontamination finishing agent

FU5400 diluted to (8~20)% content

Hydrophilic finishing agent

Moisture wicking finishing agent

Non-ionic antistatic agent

Durable hydrophilic softener

FU5400(5~10)%+ film or silicone oil (such as Silicone Softener Sylic F3540)

Fluffy finishing agent

Hydrophilic raising agent

Anti-wrinkle agent in bath

Used alone FU5400(5~15)%

Or FU5400(5~10)%+polyacrylamide(0.5~3)%

Hydrophilic multifunctional leveling agent

FU5400(3~10)%+ conventional leveling agent

Application process

Easy decontamination finishing agent

Dipping method: dosage (1~4)% o.w.f, dipping at 50℃ (30~60) minutes

Hydrophilic finishing agent

Padding method: mixing solution [FU5400(8~15)% compounding (10~50)g/l] →

Two dip and two rolling (rolling residual rate 65%~75%)→drying (100~130)℃

→ stereotypes (170~190) ℃

Non-ionic antistatic agent

Moisture wicking finishing agent

Anti-wrinkle agent in bath

Amount of dyeing in the same bath: General formula (1~4)% (o.w.f)

Formula of special easy-to-scratch fabric FU5400(5~10)%+Polyacrylamide(0.5~3)%

Hydrophilic levelling agent

Determine the dosage according to customer requirements

Raising agent

Example: Hydrophilic softener can be directly diluted to (8~20)% content, if the hand feels

Very high requirements, it is recommended to use FU5400(5~10)% + Silicone Softener Sylic F3540(1~3)%

Packaging and Storage

Packaging & Storage


25Kg/kraft paper lined woven bag

The storage period is 1 year (temperature≤30℃, humidity<50%)

 Three Main Packaging Types: Woven Bags/Plastic Barrels /IBC Drum

main packaging types



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