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Fastness improvement and improving overall performance of the fabric is one of the major prerequisites of textile finishing. The block silicone softener manufactured by us has excellent stability and known for lessening the yellowish texture of the fabric. Whether the desired consumer-recognized effect is a voluminous and bulky feel, smooth drape or silky softness, we have a softening agent suited to the specific outcome. Besides, our highly concentrated silicone softener is compatible with cationic and non-ionic auxiliaries. This product is completely non-toxic and eco- friendly known for its better softening properties.
Why Choose Block Silicone Oil Manufactured 
By Sylic Gloabl?
Our products are used in various applications in textile processing and bring excellent results to textiles. The silicone backbone of the linear molecular structure provides the smooth, slippery and soft hand that silicone-based softeners are known for. In addition, the lubricious, hydrophilic and water-absorbing properties of block silicone softeners make our products suitable for modern textile finishing processes. With our extensive range of environmentally friendly textile auxiliaries, we are constantly innovating to provide the highest quality finishing chemicals. Here are some other reasons to choose our silicone softener:
Improve fabric smoothness and efficiency
Various applications for textile processing
Extremely hygroscopic with good permeability.
Perfectly absorb moisture.
Good resilience with wrinkle resistance
Does not get yellow in high temperature
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