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Textile Auxiliary Anti-foaming Agent

Anti-foaming agents prevent and suppress the formation of foam in textile dyeing processes. One chemical additive that reduces and hinders the formation of foam in industrial process liquids. Sylic Global has manufactured a sustainable solution by introducing a wide range of anti foaming agent to let fabric will not stain or create oil spots
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Why Choose Anti-foaming Agent Manufactured 
By Sylic Global?
Due to the continuous improvement of technological level, the development of textile technology, and the continuous increase of printing and dyeing varieties, SYLIC GLOBAL conforms to the development of the industry and produces textile defoamers, which will not affect its basic system and the effect of textile printing and dyeing when applied to textile printing and dyeing with quality. 
The following are the reasons to choose our products:
Less consumption saves cost
Improve the efficiency of textile printing and dyeing
Reduces fabric imperfections
Improve dye levelness
chemically stable
Reduce the impact of harmful substances on the environment
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