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Textile Auxiliary Amino Silicone Softener

Cotton and cotton blend fabrics are finished and considered suitable for use in the textile industry. Amino silicone softeners are used to soften the texture of fibers and fabrics, making them smooth. Composed of the highest quality softeners, these softeners give fabrics a soft hand, soften fabrics and make textile finishing efficient. In addition, the additive improves quality and increases the productivity of the dyeing and finishing process. When this softener is used to treat the fabric, textiles become soft, smooth and achieve glossy finish.
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Why Choose Amino Silicone Softener 
Made by BY Sylic Global?
Our wide range of textile auxiliaries are designed to smooth and treat fabrics without impacting the environment. Amino silicone softener manufactured by our team after a lot of research is known for its elastic rebound and high resistance to yellowing. The focus is on the production of different types of silicone softeners, depending on their application in textile processing. Here are some key highlights of our amino silicone softeners:

Optimum smoothness of the fabric
Wear resistance
Imparts excellent softness to fabrics
Enhances the abrasion resistance of fabrics
Easily dispersed in hot and cold water
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