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Why can silicone rubber be used in medical industry?

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First of all, silicone rubber is a kind of polymer medical material with excellent performance. It is used as a medical artificial material. It has low cost and great practicability.  

Secondly, silicone rubber products have good medical characteristics, colorless, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, flexibility and transparency. Silicone rubber products can solve bad medical problems and meet the medical role of patients.  

In addition, it has coagulation ability; Toxicity test results meet the medical requirements; Good biocompatibility in clinical application, no teratogenic effect, no allergic reaction; With excellent toughness and elasticity, good processing performance and various processing methods, it is the preferred material for making various medical elastomer products. With excellent wear resistance, soft touch, moisture resistance, resistance to a variety of chemical properties.  

Finally, silicone rubber products can also be used to make artificial heart valves, artificial lungs, bone adhesives, artificial skin, burn dressers, cardiac pacifier insulation wires, sutures, various splints, fluid conduits, transplanted blood vessels, trachea, dental materials, insertion materials, family planning products.  

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