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Whether silicone can achieve "stop falling rebound"

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Last week, the price of domestic silicone oil rose and stabilized. Local transactions yielded profits. The current price of domestic silicone oil was 43,000-46,000 yuan/ton.  From the cost point of view, local DMC decline has affected the high price of silicone oil transactions, downstream inquiries significantly reduced.  However, silicone oil supply has not yet appeared surplus phenomenon, and even some manufacturers mainly supply export orders, the supply is still a little tight, order to the end of the month.  Import materials: agents are more sensitive to the domestic market.  Since last Tuesday, DMC has been on a partial downward trend, which has had a negative impact on the domestic market. Agents did not deliver goods at a high price last week. In order to promote the transaction, we appropriately adjusted 1000-2000 yuan/ton in the face of solid orders.  

On the demand side, due to the early surge of raw materials, the domestic downstream is overwhelmed. In the case of shrinking profits, some factories reduce their load, and the resistance is heavy. Silicon oil manufacturers and traders increase the operation of secretly dropping orders.  

In the short term, silicone oil companies are slightly blocked from receiving orders, mainly in the early supply orders. It is expected that the domestic silicone oil price will be adjusted appropriately with the cost this week.  In the medium term, the tightening of foreign device production and supply and the inflation expectation in the macro market have a positive effect on the silicone oil market.  

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