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What are the reasons for textile fur balls?

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The problem of pilling is a problem encountered by many fabrics, especially polyester, wool and other fiber fabrics are more prone to pilling. What causes the pilling and fluffing of the fabric? The main reason is that the fiber is separated from the twisted yarn part after friction, and multiple strands are exposed separately and clumped into a ball. This has something to do with the quality of the yarn. In addition, fine and short fiber fabrics are easier to fuzz and pilling than thick and long fiber fabrics; loose fabrics are easier to fuzz and pilling than tightly structured fabrics. Excessive washing time can also cause damage to the fibers, causing more fiber ends to be broken, thereby increasing the possibility of pilling.

Before the fabric is rubbed, there is generally more or less hairiness; these hairiness will be stretched out little by little after being rubbed by external force, forming longer hairs. When the length of the fur reaches to be entangled, the fur will entangle into a cluster and gradually shrink; when the cluster continues to undergo external force, it may fall off the fabric. The surface of the fabric forms a fluffy state again. This is the process of pilling.

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