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Silicone Emulsion Sylic F3721

Raising agent application, raising polyester knitted fabrics and polar fleece
  • F3721

  • Sylic

  • 1203721

Product Description

Technical Indicators Appearance

White emulsion


Ionic non/weak anion

PH (1% aqueous solution)


Performance and Characteristics

The content of organic silicon is high, the dosage is small and it is economical.

A stable silicone oil emulsion, which can be diluted with water to the required concentration, down to 0.1%.

Give the fabric an excellent raising effect, reduce the number of raising times, and improve the raising efficiency.

It has a fluffy feel style, short, dense and uniform hair.

It has a polishing effect and can improve the gloss of the processed surface.

With lubricating and non-corrosive properties, it can be used as a release agent, a release agent, a film-breaking release agent for processing chicken feet recesses of latex products, and hair care.

Temperature resistance (50 ◦C) and shear resistance.

Freezing resistance, can pass 5 freeze-thaw tests.




It is suitable for fabric raising agent (short-dense pile raising processing and finishing of polyester knitted fabrics and T/C fabrics) and medium non-yellowing softening agents for fabrics; as well as mold release agents for plastics and rubber; leather and furniture polishing agents; rubber resistance Adhesive; film breaker for processing chicken feet recesses of latex products; medicine and hair conditioner, etc.


Packaging & Storage

Packaging & Storage

120 kg plastic drum, sealed and protected from light, with a shelf life of 12 months at room temperature.

Store in a cool warehouse, avoid prolonged exposure to high temperature or extremely cold environment. If it is frozen, melt at 20-40◦C, stir well before use.

 Three Main Packaging Types: Woven Bags/Plastic Barrels /IBC Drum

main packaging types



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