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Production and application of alkyl silane coupling agent

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The general formula for the structure of silane coupling agent is RSiX3, where R represents functional groups such as sulfhydryl group, amino group and alkyl group, and X represents groups that can be hydrolyzed, such as halogen atoms and alkoxy groups. Alkyl silane coupling agent refers to a class of silane coupling agent whose functional group is long chain alkyl. Because its molecules contain non-polar long carbon chain alkyl (C8, C12, C14, etc.), this kind of coupling agent has good compatibility, which can be used for polymer enhancement and modification, waterproof treatment of concrete buildings, etc.

Alkyl silane coupling agent, due to the action of long chain alkyl, can have physical effect of similar phase dissolution with organic polymer, and can bond with inorganic filler surface, bridge coupling of materials of different properties, on the one hand, promote the dispersion of inorganic powder materials in organic polymer, improve the effect of inorganic materials; On the other hand, inorganic and organic polymer materials are bonded and coupled to improve the thickness of the interface layer between them, so as to achieve effective modification of polymer materials.  

This method has been widely used in tire rubber, construction coating, engineering plastics and other fields to improve the properties of composite materials by surface modification of inorganic powder materials. With the continuous development of science and technology, the performance requirements of polymer composites will be further improved, the surface modification technology of materials will be further developed, and silane coupling agents will also flourish.  

Under the action of alkaline concrete, alkylsilane coupling agent is easy to cross-link, forming a layer of hydrophobic film inside and on the surface of concrete voids, so as to achieve the purpose of resisting the penetration of harmful substances such as water and chloride ions. In addition, silane coupling agent can also be made into silane paste impregnation agent, which overcomes the serious problem of loss when brushing, prolonging the contact time with concrete base material, and fundamentally preventing and eliminating the corrosion of bridge concrete structure. It is a new method and new technology that is economical, practical and feasible.  

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At present, the building materials used alkyl silane coupling agent is are more octyl triethoxy silane, with its preparation of silicon paste impregnant permeability and water proofing property, has been widely used in foreign countries, and with the improvement of domestic demands for building performance, hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge is a batch of coastal engineering, such as coastal infrastructure projects have construction use. It is expected that octyltriethoxysilane will shine brightly in the field of building materials in China in the future.  

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