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How "excellent" is structural adhesive? Without it, all fields may be "paralyzed"!

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Structural adhesive refers to high strength (compressive strength> 65MPa, steel-steel positive tensile bond strength> 30MPa, shear strength> 18MPa), can withstand large loads, and is resistant to aging, fatigue and corrosion, within the expected life. Stable performance, suitable for bonding adhesives with strong structural parts.

Advantages of structural adhesives


Structural adhesive has high strength, peeling resistance, impact resistance, and simple construction process. It is used for bonding metal, ceramics, plastics, rubber, wood and other same materials or between different materials. It can partially replace traditional connection forms such as welding, riveting and bolting. The stress distribution of the joint surface is uniform, and there is no thermal influence and deformation on the parts.

Structural adhesives are widely used in engineering, mainly used for reinforcement, anchoring, bonding, repairing, etc. bonding, etc.

The performance advantages of structural adhesives


01 Uniform stress distribution and high degree of freedom in material selection

First of all, when using structural adhesive, the stress can be evenly dispersed on the entire bonding surface, avoiding the stress concentration problem caused by traditional spot welding, riveting, bolting and other methods. Therefore, lighter and thinner materials can be used without losing part strength. Secondly, it can effectively bond dissimilar materials and improve comprehensive performance. The different materials can then be bonded together using structural adhesives to create a laminate that perfectly combines the strength and combination of properties of each material. At the same time, the toughness of the structural adhesive can effectively solve the problem of inconsistent thermal expansion coefficients between different materials in applications, such as the bonding application of aluminum and glass. Structural adhesives can also act as a barrier to reduce or even eliminate galvanic corrosion problems between dissimilar metals.


Reduce surface defects and save on finishing costs

Parts assembled with structural adhesives maintain part integrity and are free from mechanical joints and surface defects caused by welding. Bonding with structural adhesives greatly improves process design flexibility and reduces finishing work. Structural adhesives can also provide the best fatigue performance, and the excellent toughness of the adhesive allows repeated stretching and recovery of parts under repeated stress. The energy-absorbing properties of the adhesive guarantee up to 20 times the fatigue resistance of welded or riveted parts. The integral continuous connection of the assembled parts by gluing ensures effective gluing and sealing in the working environment.


Reduce costs, environmental protection and high efficiency

Choosing structural adhesive bonding can reduce costs while simplifying the production process. Using the bonding process can reduce the requirements on the substrate, reduce weight, eliminate drilling, welding, screwing and similar processes, ultimately reducing costs and improving production efficiency. It requires little training to operate and does not emit hazardous solvent emissions when bonding primed or coated materials with structural adhesives. Compared with traditional connection methods, structural adhesives show excellent advantages in cost, production efficiency, light weight and performance. In most production applications, structural adhesives provide components with greater strength and longer life.

Main types of structural adhesives


High Performance Silicone Structural Adhesive

High Performance Silicone Structural Adhesive is a one component, neutral curing, designed for structural bonding assembly in building façades. It can be easily extruded and used in a wide range of temperature conditions, and is cured by moisture in the air into an excellent, durable high-modulus, high-elasticity silicone rubber.


Neutral transparent silicone structural adhesive

A one-component, neutral curing, designed for the bonding assembly of glass structures in architectural façades. It can be easily extruded and used in a wide range of temperature conditions. Rely on moisture in the air to cure into excellent, durable high modulus, high elasticity silicone rubber. The product does not need a primer to the glass, and can produce excellent adhesion.


Building Structural Adhesives

Building structural adhesives are widely used in construction and installation, decoration, sealing, structural adhesives and other fields because of their excellent properties.

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