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Effective measures to improve colour fastness to wet friction(2)

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Using efficient fixing agent, fixing agent selected should be able to link between dye and fiber compounds, at the time of reaction with dyes, but also with cellulose fiber crosslinking reaction, make dye and fiber can close tightly linked together, strengthen the combination of dyes and fibers, prevent the dye from the fiber loss or migration to the surface of fiber, avoid to cause the loss of color fastness.  

Using special additives, such as darkening agent, to finish the dyed fabric can reduce the amount of dye, obtain deep color effect, and improve the color fastness to wet friction.  

Pay attention to the pH value of the cloth after dyeing. Generally speaking, the amount of alkali used in the dyeing process of deep colored cotton fabric is high, and then the washing, soaping and neutralization should be strengthened. Alkali can not be carried on the fabric, so as to avoid the hydrolysis of the dye after dyeing, resulting in the decrease of wet rubbing fastness. Usually the cloth pH value is controlled in 6.5-7.5, can not exceed 9 or less than 3.  

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