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Dyeing Auxiliaries Used In Hair Dye And Their Characteristics

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Hair dye is a chemical product used to dye hair colors to different colors. As a result, hair dyes are often added with coloring agents, chemicals that help the dye penetrate the hair and stay there for a longer lasting effect. In this paper, we will discuss the common hair dye auxiliaries and their characteristics.

First, let's understand what dyeing auxiliaries are.

Dyeing auxiliaries are chemicals added to dyes to increase their adhesion and color effect on hair.

In hair dye, the commonly used dyeing auxiliaries include fixing agent, amino acid, protein, sulfate and so on. They all have different characteristics and scope of application.

1. Fixing agent is a chemical that fixes dye in your hair. During the dyeing process, the dye needs to penetrate the inside of the hair to stay in place. But some dyes come off easily, so fixing agents are added to the dye to enhance the effect.

2. Amino acids are a common dyeing aid, which can increase the adhesion and color effect of hair dye, and have a protective effect on hair. Amino acids are able to bind to protein molecules in hair, increasing the dye molecules' adhesion to the hair. They also form a protective film that protects hair from damage. Amino acids also allow dye molecules to penetrate the hair better, increasing the durability of the dye.

3. Protein is also a common dyeing agent, which can increase the adhesion and color effect of hair dye, and has a repairing effect on hair. Proteins fill in the gaps in your hair, increasing its density and elasticity. They also protect hair from UV rays and environmental pollution.

dye auxiliary

4. Sulfate is a kind of dyeing aid that can stabilize the color of dyes. They can form chemical bonds with dye molecules and increase the adhesion of dye molecules on hair. Sulfates also protect the dye molecules from light and oxidation, increasing the durability of the dye.

In addition, dyeing auxiliaries can play a role in hair dye still need some auxiliary effects.

Oxidants are another key ingredient in hair dye, helping the indirect dye react with the pigment in the hair to achieve the dye effect. The higher the concentration of oxidants, the faster the reaction, but also the more damage to the hair. For this reason, lower concentrations of oxidants are often used in hair dyes.

In addition,alkaline agent is chemical auxiliary that open up the scales of the skin of the hair, making it easier for the dye to penetrate into the hair. Alkaline agent is usually used with oxidants, and their concentration and type can affect the pH and coloring effect of the hair dye.

Dye restorers are chemicals that repair damaged parts of your hair. In the hair coloring process, the skin scales open and the dye seeps into the hair before closing, but the process can cause damage to the hair. Dye restorers can repair these damaged parts and make hair healthier.

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